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BEACH BUM: Four Circuit Workout

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Beaches be fit! Get a great booty burn and core workout at the beach in only 30 minutes! We teamed up with personal trainer, Samantha Hagan, who created this circuit to work your tummy and tush! This workout is meant to be fast with high intensity to get your heart pumping!


Warm up:

  • 2 rounds of shuttle-runs - Run back and forth for two laps. 
  • 30 rounds of high knees - Drive the knee up towards the body, alternating legs at a fast pace.
  • 30 butt kicks - Kick back legs, driving the heels towards your butt, alternating the legs at a face pace.
There are four mini circuits in this workout. Each circuit should be completed twice. (ie. Complete exercises 1A then go to 1B. Once you have completed these, go back to 1A and then 1B before you move on to circuit #2)
Circuit # 1:
A) Band Squat Shuffle x15/leg - Start with the resistant band around the instep of your feet and go into a squat with your butt pushed out. While staying in a squat position, shuffle 15 steps to the right, than complete another 15 steps to the left.
B) Jump Squats x20 - Begin in squat form. Jump up with your feet leaving the ground. Making sure to bend your knees when you land.
Repeat before moving onto Circuit # 2. 
Circuit # 2:

A) Plank Wiggles x30 - Start in a forearm plank, then move your hips from side to side (touching the ground if possible). Each side counts as one rep. 

B) Spiders in Straight Arm Plank x30 - For spider planks you will be on your hands, making sure they sit right underneath your shoulders. You will then drive your right knee to the outside of the right elbow then bring it back to neutral. Complete the same for the other side, alternating legs.

Repeat before moving onto Circuit # 3. 

Circuit # 3:

A) Sumo Band Squat with Back Kicks x20 - Tie the resistant band around your feet and get into a wide stance squat with feet turned out. Perform a squat and when legs are straightened, kick your leg straight back for each leg. Complete 20 squats and 20 kick backs for each leg.

B) Iso Lunge x15/leg -  Get into a lunge position and bend the back leg so it is almost touching the ground and come back up, leaving both feet in the original position. You will stay with the same leg for 15 reps then switching over to the other leg.

Repeat before moving onto Circuit # 4.

Circuit # 4:

A) Plank with Rainbow Leg x10/leg - Get into a plank position on your hands. You will then lift one leg up and over to the other side of the opposite leg, then bringing it back to neutral. Stay with the same leg going back and forth for 10 reps then switch legs.

B) Inchworms x10 - Start by standing with your legs shoulder width apart, then bending down getting your hands on the ground. You will then walk out with your legs staying straight, getting into your plank position. Once you are in a flat plank, you will then walk yourself back to neutral keeping your legs straight. Repeat 10 times.  

Repeat before moving onto Cool Down.

Cool Down:

  • Walk with knee raise hold - Hold the knee close to your body for 30 seconds each.
  • Quad stretch - Hold the heel behind your leg for 30 seconds each. 

Make sure you stay hydrated! 



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