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Titika Explores: Toronto artist illustrates her passion.

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Utilizing vibrant colors and intricate design, Toronto illustrator plays off of societal and pop-culture influences to create art that differentiates her from the rest.

At Titika, we are exploring inspiration and how artists find their motivation to continue their craft and expand their artistic goals.

We sat down with Katie Burns, Toronto illustrator to discuss her upcoming work and inspirations.

T: What inspires your art?

KB: I get particularly inspired by things which seem friendly on the surface but have a darker underside. Lots of my images feature pastel colors and whimsical characters but something is always not quite right. Anything from David Lynch's Blue Velvet (1986) to the photography of Petra Collins is inspirational.

T: How did you begin illustrating?

KB: When I was about five years old my mother and I moved to Europe for her job. Since I was an only child and I didn't speak much French yet I ended up spending a lot of time drawing and painting for fun. Then after a couple of years, we returned to Toronto and I spent a lot of time hanging out in the animation studio she worked for at the time. Illustration was always just a huge part of my growing up.

T: Are you working on any new projects?

KB: Currently I am working on a comic and short film hybrid "Dawn Hughes and The Rise of Eve Fantastic". I'll be illustrating and art directing the project premiering in February.

T: What motivates you to keep designing?

KB: When an idea comes to mind I have to get it out one way or another. Sharing my work and collaborating with others is also a huge drive.

T:Do you have any artist inspirations?

KB: I am very grateful to artists that publish their works on Instagram. There is always someone new to discover and their profile/gallery is so accessible. At the moment I'm loving:




To see more of Katie's art, view her Instagram profile here.


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